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A little bit about us

We’re a group of companies that started its operation in North America and Canada with a HQ in Toronto, The group has a team of qualified consultants, software developer and skilled engineers that built an experience over the past 25 years in the IT for the hospitality industry. We are passionate about creating perfect solutions for our customers and succeeded in having a noticeable record among Canada, North America and Middle East region with major customers.


We’re a premier Analytics and Knowledge Management company. We help customers to better understand their market, competitors, operations and customers through predictive analytics, data integration and data quality. Our solutions have helped our customers Increase Sales, Reduce Costs, Meet Regulatory Compliance, Gain Market Share, and focus on Customer Retention and Cross -selling and Up-selling.


We are innovative practitioners of technology management, design and architecture. With a HQ based in the city of Toronto and representative offices In North America and Middle East we are known for our competence, and professional expertise. Our team has delivered enterprise IT solutions for major organizations for 3 decades.


We have used our experience and knowledge from previous projects to create out-of-the-box Solutions for common business needs. By pre-packaging the solutions; we have made the investment in research, and absorbed the cost of trial and errors, so you don’t have to. This pre-packaging of common business needs provides the economy of scale necessary to save our clients time and money with the peace of mind that comes from Assuring the Quality before making a big commitment.




The need was raising up by the hotels to have all the solutions from one source making their life easier and to have a better service while dealing with one company, so from here the idea was born to focus on a specific industry offering this industry complete solutions meeting all the needs with a complete solution not just one product and that what differentiates INTERACT than others. Also as we have considered carefully the needs of each market and concentrated on having the right team with the right skills serving specific areas (The local people are the best people to run the business and to offer the service), accordingly we have segregated the regions into two main ones:


  • North America and Canada out of our head office in Toronto – Canada and other representative offices in the United States.

  • Europe, Middles and Africa out of our regional head office in Amman - Jordan.


An expansion has taken a place to the Middle East years ago (INTERACT L.L.C. - Jordan) offering the hotels a full line of hotel software products that built specifically for the hotels’ operations meeting their needs, starting from Protel PMS (Property Management System), Matrix POS (Point of Sale) and Rawabee ERP for back office applications, ending up with the in room technology and entertainment.


Successful stories were built with our customers among the region either in Jordan, GCC, Cyprus, West bank or other Middle East countries, since we work with them as one team offering them our consultancy service to identify the best customized options for their needs. Then we delivered efficient, cost effective solutions which helped them to transform their business performance and to have a better guest experience using the world’s leaders’ products used by the best hotels in the world.


We do believe in service, we make sure that our customers are happy all the time, we don’t just visit our customers when there is a need but we do visit them regularly to make sure that they’re satisfied in all terms, since we look at the business relation as a real partnership and that is part of the quality service we’re offering, while also we assure our customers the continuity of the development of the products we are offering them, where that development would keep their hotels updated with the latest technology available for the industry.


We’ve been traveling among different continents offering our services/consultancy and support to our customers who have trusted us to be their sole technology provider.


So many have trusted us, so why don’t you? Give it a try and get in touch with us!

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