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International Hotel management companies that are using the products in our portfolio.


“During my 40 years of professional life, signing responsibility for major hotel and manufacturing operations around the globe, in my position as Managing Director, the occasion to work with Interact arose last year when we began a new hotel project here in Jordan. With the professional  approach in providing us with the IT solutions that meet our need and quality service offered, i consider INTERACT - LLC as a leader in the field of IT Technology for the hospitality industry. It is with my highest regards that I recommend INTERACT - LLC to any other  hotel company, assured by the knowledge that  INTERACT team has would contribute to any other company significantly and valuablly.

MrArmin Glanzmann, Hospitality Executive - Formerly ICIT, Managing Director

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at INTERACT for assisting us on various technical projects that we had challenges with since the opening of the hotel. It was a great privilege working closely with the team on these projects.The expertise is highly appreciated. The kind assistance during the transition from the brand de- flagging to rebranding made our launch a smooth one. My recent interaction with INTERACT and also the past years in different capacity, clearly exhibits the professionalism and willingness they have to deal with all kinds of challenges. I am sure with the knowledge and expertise team INTERACT has while positioning the right technology for the hotel, explaining it and convincing managements to shift their thinking from "less spending" to more "opportunities for incremental revenues" through upgrades of their current systems and how to benefit out of these upgrades and technology is a major key combined with their instant response/service when any need arise while serving the hotels. Wishing INTERACT all the best and continuous success.”

Mr. Vatché Yergatian​, St. George Hotel, General Manager

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