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SolutionIP™ FLEX HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) System

As part of the hotels software package we are offering to the hospitality industry, SolutionIP™ is a plug & play guest internet gateway that delivers data at high speeds to guest rooms, conference rooms, public areas and business centers. SolutionIP™ allows computers to connect , whether they are configured to work in a DHCP or a static IP environment.



Some of SolutionIP™ FLEX features

  • One authentication process for multiple devices.

  • Register multiple devices in a single registration.

  • Mobile aware screens.

  • Centralized management of public access Internet services.

  • Centralized management of multiple public access servicelocations.

  • Easy and efficient set up across multiple service locations

  • Bandwidth Management Controls.

  • Automated Report Generation & Delivery.

SolutionIP™ FLEX Media & Downloads

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