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Services and Consultancy 

We are here to help you focusing on your business, so let us take it all and do it for you!


Business Consultancy:


At INTERACT we do believe in spcialities and knolwedge, so we offer our customers the consultancy service through specilaized consultants as part of our package helping them knowing their exact needs and offering them cost effective solutions that come equipped with the latest technology available for the industry. INTERACT aims to understand the client's needs and requirements. After initial meetings with the customer, we work on preparing the system design according to the outcome of the meetings conducted.


System Design:


Leveraging on Interact’s professional consultation and analysis, our system integration team will define the scope of the project, proposed solution and business model for the customer's review and consideration.


Project Management:


A dedicated project manager will make sure implementation schedule is well planned, set the schedules, monitor and control the progress and complete the installation in a timely manner, while keeping the customer fully informed with the progress of the installation by providing weekly and monthly reports.


System Installation:


The actual implementation takes place, involving hardware and software installation at the client site, followed by system commissioning and testing after which the project goes "LIVE“ and handover to INTERACT support services.


Ongoing support:


INTERACT offers multi-level professional service and support and system maintenance. Interact customer service and on-site support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever a hotel employees or guests encounter any problem, they can always contact INTERACT help desk for troubleshooting and assistance.


Do let us know:


  • Do you have needs for your hotel?

  • Tired from dealing with different suppliers?

  • Having a problem with the services you're receiving?

  • Looking for someone to help you get exactly what you need and to offer your hotel affordable products that are used in different continents by the finest hotels? 


Please call for a meeting and we will make sure to have you fully satisfied from the results while getting everything from one source! 

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