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Matrix POS (Point of Sale) System

  • Matrix POS is a 42 GmbH product, it's a complete Software solution for Hotel management & point of sale.

  • For over 20 years 4,000 hotels & clubs have been using it.

  • Simply the easiest to learn & use. Matrix POS answers all the needs of the front of house, kitchen & back office.

  • A tailored system is offered for every type of outlet having a single location to a chain of dozens or hundreds of stores. 

  • Successfully chosen by main well-known hotels worldwide.


Powerful, innovative, flexible


​The POS system matrix POS is a powerful, innovative and flexible system solution for all areas of catering & hospitality industry. Through flexible and modular design of all areas covered by the classic restaurant, hotel bar, self-service through to canteens and caterers.

Matrix POS - naturally


be individually extended by various components (software modules, hardware and interfaces).Matrix POS consists in the basic configuration from the intuitive and of course operated POS and innovative management software. Custom CI requirements set matrix POS to offer efficient and freely scalable surface.


Matrix Backoffice


Is the background system to the central facility, administration, evaluation, analysis and data archiving. The connection to other systems, such as ERP DEPT for further processing of data is modular expandable via standardized or system-specific interfaces.



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