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Products and Services

By understanding the nature of the hospitality industry and in order to help our customers focusing on running their business rather than being worried about the IT services they offer to their guests or the technology they’re using for their operations, INTERACT has carefully built up a complete package while partnering with the world technology leaders for the hospitality industry to ensure providing the best cost effective solutions that meet the requirements of most of the international management companies as well as the small budgets of the local hotels covering all the areas of the hotel with the products in the package.


With the technologies we’re bringing to our hotels partners combined with quality service, we’re further enhancing INTERACT’s position in offering the world’s preeminent suite of products for the hotels’ operations and in room technology in the hospitality industry.

While the needs are increasing for a tailored solutions offered by one source serving the back office departments, INTERACT has looked into this carefully and built a package customized specifically for the hospitality industry.


The products in the package were developed by different international companies that INTERACT partnered with, these companies have developed their products meeting every aspect needed by hotel management companies helping them optimize the way they use their human, physical, and financial resourses to meet current and future guests expectations keeping the properties in top shape in order to make the targted profit.



Backoffice Systems - read more....


Since 1994, protel hotelsoftware has been developing and selling technology and service solutions specifically and exclusively for the hotel industry and related sectors. The consistent focus on the demands of a single industry makes protel one of the most experienced and successful providers of professional property management systems (PMS).


With headquarters located in Dortmund, Germany, a branch office in Dubai and a dense network of partner companies working in close cooperation, protel enjoys a worldwide presence. Over 11,000 hotels and hotel management schools (4,000 of whom are registered as protel Cloud users) in more than 80 countries attest to protel’s high-level expertise and reliability.


Protel PMS - read more....


With innovative, to the specific needs of the hotel and catering tailored Hotel, POS and inventory management systems, as well as a high degree of flexibility in adapting systems, 42 GmbH ensures the seamless integration of hardware and software in good operating procedures.


Connected to the reliability of selected hardware components and the industry know-how of the partners and software trainer representing 42 GmbH a company that focuses on quality and continuity.


With a very proven record, Matrix POS has been used by more than well known 4000 hotels, clubs and restaurant.




Matrix POS - read more....

SolutionInc is a leading Internet system provider to the hospitality industry in North America, Europe, ME&A and Asia-Pacific regions.


SolutionInc Technologies Limited began operation in 1997, headquartered in Halifax, Canada.


SolutionIP™ HSIA System (High Speed Interact Access) runs in over 700,000 guestrooms in more than 45 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia.


SolutionIP™ can be found today in brands such as IHG, Marriott, Hilton, Shangri-la, Grand Hyatt, Accor and Mandarin Hotels




SolutionIP™ HSIA - read more....

Metropolis was born in 1993 With a headquarter offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offering an amazing call accounting system “ProfitWatch” that came when a need arose for an accurate call accounting program that hotels could use without a lot of training; something powerful, but so intuitive, you didn't need a rocket scientist to run it. Since then, Metropolis Technologies, Inc. has produced superbly engineered, award-winning call accounting software applications for both the hospitality industry and general business.


Due to the ease of use, flexibility, unique features and reliability, ProfitWatch Hotel Call Accounting have been installed in several thousand sites, making Metropolis a leading call accounting provider throughout North America and the world.


ProfitWatch CAS - read more....

Services is what we do, looking after our customers is what we master, making sure that our clients are happy is our ultimate goal, that’s why we have a 24X7 support service and we offer consultancy to the hotels we work with just to make sure that we take care of the IT part of their business providing them with what they need exactly and according to their budget without compromising quality of the product offered and without leaving any unexpected surprises that may burden the hotel’s budget at later stage.


With a team of consultants that has been working in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years, we assure you a quality service and continuous support.




Services and Consultancy - read more....

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