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We are eager to have you on board!


We are a group of cool, professional and friendly people who love working together to make something great. It’s definitely a team work while serving a service industry (Hospitality), having our relations created with our customers throughout the service we are offering them has made the team to work in passion for the business and that made us different than the others and made our working environment different.


We love what we do, that’s why the support, learning process, stable environment and the long term relation was established between the team members as well as the management and this is exactly what we will be offering to any new comers helping them to improve their career forward with a long stable one while insuring that they will love what they’ll do, since that’s the key for us to succeed.


Sounds interesting? Please send your resume along with a cover letter to:


We give attention to every single application we receive, we evaluate it carefully and offer the candidate the right job with the right package.


The sales is exciting while meeting hoteliers every day and experiencing a new work style within the industry with the state of art hotel software technology.


The technical side is rich of knowledge while understanding and learning the hotels’ operations as well as the technology we offer to facilitate their operations, either with the installation of the products or supporting them.


Have the needed skills? Then we are looking forward to hear from you and eager to have you part of our team.


You will definitely hear from us!

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