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Matrix MAX

When it comes down to it!


The powerful POS system matrix POS ensures a better and more effective service. Matrix POS supports all Orderman handheld devices, just to work faster and guest-oriented business in the terrace. Due to time-saving processes the waiter leaves more time for the guest. As a result, you get a lot more sales at more satisfied guests.




​The service is "immediately" a household word. By mobile handsets the waiter collected the orders of your guests immediately by radio in the system. These are processed directly in the kitchen and at the bar, while the guest can be discussed further. Thus, processes and procedures are optimized and the operation is relieved - you gain more time for real service and peace of mind for the guest to generate more sales.



Matrix MAX was developed in tested styling: the innovative technology is given a surface that naturally communicates with its users. Technique that adapts to the people and not vice versa.




The Matrix MAX thinks. Logical queries within an order process to optimize the operating speed and close error. So no unnecessary "clicking" through an infinite number of levels! The steak with baked potato, natural medium, but please with extra onions. No problem. Even individual purchase orders changes are detected by matrix MAX and appear directly on the output in the kitchen Bon.



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