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Why the Kimberly Hotel is in a Long Term Relationship

February 14, 2014

Fort Lauderdale , Florida (February 14, 2014) Building strong relationships with your customers is a keystone value for businesses everywhere. In the world of technology, however, ‘long term’ is an average of only about 5 years; less if you go by accounting depreciation standards. With millions of choices in this fast paced world, companies providing software solutions have to work even harder to nurture customer loyalty. With over 20 years in the call reporting and call accounting industry, Metropolis Technologies has been fortunate to build such relationships with many of its clients, including the Kimberly Hotel, who has been a customer since 2001.

​Kevin Fullerton, Director of IT for the posh Manhattan property has been a fixture at the elegant hotel for close to two decades himself and was responsible for the original procurement of the ProfitWatch solution. “We were on an older PMS system called Landmark then, and called our vendor to see what call accounting we should use. They had high marks for ProfitWatch and it was fiscally attractive to us as well. It served all of our needs.”

ProfitWatch Call Accounting has been installed in hotels in the US and across the globe to assist properties in accurate guest call billing since 1993. Known for its ease of use, versatile interoperability, and stability, ProfitWatch has become a popular option with many of the main lodging chains, as well as with luxury and boutique hotels. The application interfaces with almost any PBX or Property Management System, which came in handy when the Kimberly was ready to upgrade their hardware.


“We have thirteen interfaces here, and some are difficult to work with because they are not fluid. That isn’t the case with ProfitWatch, which is very user friendly. If you know Windows, you can maneuver ProfitWatch; not because it is simple, but because it is a well written, vibrant product,” concluded Fullerton. “I have suggested it to another hotel just starting up, and they went with ProfitWatch too.”


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