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Protel Air - Features

Protel Air is a comprehensive hotel management solution that supports all areas of work at the 

front office. The broad spectrum of protel interfaces connects protel Air to other systems

employed in your hotel such as PoS, PBX, backoffice, minibar, PayTV, reservation (IDS/IBE) and

wellness. And of course you will be able to use our mobile solutions and hotel apps for protel Air.

Some highlights:


Protel Air Active Desktop


Some questions are asked anew every day: Which guests are checking in today? Who is currently

checked in? Who departs today? – protel Air immediately displays the information you need for

your daily routine: The “active desktop” presents clearly structured lists of all important current

data – by just a click of the mouse, you can start editing reservations and guest data.


Protel Air Room Type Plan


Enter reservations independently from the room plan – easily done with protel Air Room type plan. You will be able to book several rooms for any number of guests in a single work step.


Protel Air Room Plan


With the multifunctional room plan, you can quickly and easily reserve rooms for individuals or entire tour groups, change bookings as needed and access all guest information. And even a guest moving from one room to another isn’t additional work: You can just change the room of your guest in the interactive room plan and protel Air will automatically change all relevant details such as room status, invoicing and availability.


Protel Air Guest Profile


Every guest is unique – With protel Air guest profiles you have all guest information and specific guest whishes at hand. The clearly structured tabs allow easy and fast access to address and contact data and provide the reservation and invoice history of each guest, including graphs displaying the revenue generated so far. Individual notes and keywords facilitate personal and individual guest service.


Protel Air Reporting


We know your days are busy enough. That’s why protel Air comes with all the reports you need to keep track of your business. How many guests are staying at your hotel? What countries are they from? How many checked in today? How many checked out? What rooms still need to be cleaned? How high are your revenues, and what bills are still outstanding? protel Air answers all these questions in seconds.


Protel Air Active Lists


Active lists ease the administration of reservations and guests. Sort by name, show or hide certain columns or use filters to define which information is to be displayed. The entries in the active lists take you to the dialogs, with which you can work with: Open a reservation or a guest profile, send out reservation confirmations or write an invoice.


Protel Air Housekeeping


With protel Air you easily keep tabs on all of the hotel’s rooms. The housekeeping list shows you at a glance the status of each room and whether a room is “clean” or “out of order.” This way, arrivals can easily be assigned to cleaned rooms and departures to Housekeeping. Filter selections such as date, reservation or room status allow a clear overview.


More functions:

- Reservation inquiry (based on F11).

- Management of optional reservations.

- Group reservations.

- Freely definable templates for reservations and invoices.

- Reporting with manager reports, statistics of nationalities.

- Marketing feature.

- Online booking via Web Booking Engine and protel IDS connect.




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