Protel Air for iPad

Protel Air mobile: provides all classic front office functions (and more)



For everyone managing their hotel with the cloud solution “protel Air”, this iPad app makes working with protel Air completely mobile. “protel Air for iPad” is an optional add-on for protel Air and provides all classic front office functions – and more – on the iPad. When using the protel Air iPad app, possibilities are endless: Spare your guests unnecessary waiting time and check them in while greeting them, retrieve and edit current statistics during meetings or use the iPad as a “floating front desk” to flexibly manage peak seasons.


What is protel Air? protel Air is a true Software-as-a-Service application and part of the protel SaaS product line. Based on the latest technology, this easily scalable cloud application with its wide range of functionalities is the perfect solution for all hotels who value flexibility, reliability and security.


How can protel Air benefit you? Apart from standard work tools for the Front Office, such as the room plan and the room type plan, other features like the E-Commerce Manager will support you in conducting and analyzing your sales and marketing campaigns on the Internet. The broad spectrum of protel interfaces connects protel Air to other systems employed in your hotel, ranging from the telephone system to Internet booking systems. And of course you will be able to use our other mobile solutions and hotel apps for protel Air as well.


Protel Air for iPad is: Available in the Apple App Store.

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