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Protel Air offers new functions on a silver platter

September 14, 2012

With protel Air, German protel hotelsoftware GmbH offers a safe and flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) application that supports all areas of work at the front office. The latest update substantially improves the hotel’s internal processes even more. The big advantage of the Cloud solution: The hotelier doesn’t have to lift a finger as these new functions are immediately available upon restart of the software.


Hoteliers are experts in offering comprehensive services. Why then shouldn’t they avail themselves of the benefits of such a service? As a “Software as a Service” application, protel Air offers a completely new type of hotel management. The software is securely hosted in a computer center and the hotelier can access it using his browser. Additional hardware is not required. The software is completely maintained and updated by protel. This way, hoteliers will

automatically receive the newest features and are always working with the latest version. Simultaneously

to the update release, protel sends out practical descriptions of the new functions. The “Update News”

concisely informs the hotel staff of the newest features. Thereby, the hotel immediately benefits from the

improved applications which save the hotel precious time and money.


​The more features a software has, the more challenging it is to handle it without professional support. If a

constant investment into new infrastructure is out of the question, a Cloud solution is the perfect

alternative. New features, add-ons or interfaces do not have to be installed, just activated. This is not only

practical for the hotelier; it also meets the ever-increasing guest demands. Guests are accustomed to

access information quickly and comprehensively and they expect this service from the hotel as well. To meet these expectations the hotelier can now use his software even more flexible and independent with the latest version of protel Air for iPad.

With every update new useful features are added. With the new Payment Instructions, for instance, an invoice can be created in no time at all. All charges are directly transferred to the respective accounts and upon check-out all is perfectly prepared. Another time-saver is the new workflow in the reservation dialog. This improved workflow is especially beneficial when dealing with group reservation, as all entries can quickly be made using just the keyboard – without having to navigate with the mouse. With each update, work in the hotel becomes easier, faster and more convenient. And thanks to the new interface to the hotel review portal Customer Alliance the hotelier immediately sees just how much guests appreciate the great service.

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