Protel Banquet - Overview

Hotel software for planning and hosting receptions, banquets and events & more...


  • Expansion module for the protel Front Office hotel software.

  • Book events and simultaneously reserve all the required rooms.

  • Add group members to guest lists directly in your protel PMS.

  • Generate group invoices for all lodging and banquet services after the event.


Protel Banquet helps you perfectly plan and host receptions, banquets and events of all kinds and sizes. With protel Banquet, you can keep track of your long-term occupancy levels and generate schedules and room plans quickly and effortlessly.


As optional expansion module for the protel Front Office software, protel Banquet integrates seamlessly with the protel product suite. It doesn’t matter whether you use protel Front Office SPE, our solution for large individual hotels, or manage hotel chains and groups with protel Front Office MPE – protel Banquet accesses the same SQL database and interacts flawlessly with all Front Office features.



Protel Banquet Plan- Period 45 days