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Mobile hotel management with protel for iPad 2.0

December 10, 2013

The new protel for iPad Version 2.0 is now available in the Apple App Store. protel hotelsoftware GmbH has used the ideas and suggestions of customers and business partners to further improve and expand protel for iPad. Hoteliers now profit from many new and innovative functions such as the digital registration form and quick check-in.


Once the users have picked up and used the new app, they will not want to put it back down. The clear, stream-lined user interface and the many new features make working on the iPad a pleasure. The hotelier simply takes his hotel management software with him and can continue working wherever he is. Using the hotel’s Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection such as UMTS, the native app protel for iPad enables direct access to all central front office functions as well as to protel Reporting from any location. Even if the hotelier is not at his hotel, availabilities and guest

information are always at his fingertips.

​Many hoteliers already know the advantages of using mobile applications and have made their own

practical experiences with them. Therefore, they know that the demands on the hotel software are

constantly changing due to evolving work processes and new expectations of the guests. “Keeping the

wishes and demands of our clients in mind, was of utmost importance for us. With the new version of

protel for iPad, we have created a technical solution which optimally supports flexible service in the hotel”,

explains product manager Christian Weis when describing the creation process of the app. As a positive

side-effect, functions such as the digital registration form also enable hoteliers to innovatively present

themselves to their guests.

In combination with other products of the protel Guest Journey, the app contributes to perfect guest service: For example, if a guest books a room, protel sends an automatic confirmation of reservation via protel Messenger which includes a QR code required for the quick check-in. At check-in, the guest then simply gives this confirmation to the hotel employee, who then scans the QR code with protel for iPad and creates the registration form which the guest directly signs on the iPad. Check-in is then but a finger-tap away. protel for iPad means even better service for the guest with less work for the hotelier – a win-win solution for everyone!

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