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Protel Messenger: Communication is the bonding force!

October 18, 2013

Using the hotel software, protel Messenger automatically sends messages not only within the hotel, but especially between the hotel and the guest. Be it emails or texts (SMS), be it time-controlled or triggered by certain events, the communication module for the protel Hotel Management System brings hotel departments and guests closer together.

​Quick and easy communication with the guest is the key to offering efficient service which fulfils all

of your guest’s desires. There are many reasons for sending messages to guests, not only during, but

also before and after their stay. protel Messenger enables hoteliers to integrate their guests into the

daily happenings of their hotel using the shortest paths possible. protel Messenger uses the data

from the protel hotel management system (HMS) to automatically send messages without you having

to even lift a finger.

The logic behind protel Messenger is obvious. The reasons for sending a guest a message and

additional information are usually connected to an action in the hotel management system. Example:

The sending of a booking confirmation after a reservation has been created. The possibilities are

almost endless: A short message is sent to the guest, as soon as the housekeeping-team has set the

room status to “clean” in the HMS. Or an email is sent to the guest two days after departure thanking

the guest for their stay and offering a link to a short guest-survey.


The automatic sending of emails and short texts via the HMS noticeably makes the communication between the hotel and the guest easier. Within the hotel, many work areas and procedures also profit from automatic cross-departmental communication. This positive effect is reinforced by the use of mobile devices and applications such as the protel Housekeeping app. Interacting with other applications directed towards the guest, such as protel Survey or protel Voyager (our hotel app for the guest), protel Messenger sets the scene for offering your guest a perfect all round service – before, during, and after their stay.

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