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Why the Kimberly Hotel Loves ProfitWatch
February 14, 2014

Building strong relationships with your customers is a keystone value for businesses everywhere. In the world of technology, however, ‘long term’ is an average of only about 5 years; less if you go by accounting depreciation standards.

Mobile hotel management with protel for iPad 2.0 
December 10, 2013

Protel for iPad Version 2.0 is now available in the Apple App Store. protel has used the ideas of customers and business partners to further improve and expand protel for iPad. Hoteliers now profit from new and innovative functions such as the digital registration form and quick check-in.

Metropolis Announces New Call Reporting Product
December 5, 2013

OfficeWatch SL Helps Small to Mid-Market Organizations Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity.

Protel Messenger: Communication is the bonding force!
October 18, 2013

Using the hotel software, protel Messenger automatically sends messages not only within the hotel, but especially between the hotel and the guest. Be it emails or texts (SMS), be it time-controlled or triggered by certain events, the communication module for the protel Hotel Management System brings hotel departments and guests closer together.

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